Deputy: National Guard Law American project to divide Iraq

Maliki party supporter
BAGHDAD / Sky Press warned MP for the coalition of state law, Faleh al-Khazali, Thursday, the National Guard of the legislation law, noting that sectarian project par excellence and a US desire to divide Iraq. He said al-Khazali for "Sky Press," "The National Guard is the law of the privilege of being a sectarian project calls for mobilizing the provinces and make them fighting among themselves, especially since there are differences between those provinces on various issues." He added that "the law came from the US desire to divide Iraq," calling on politicians who are demanding enactment of this law, to "induce controlled Daash gangs to volunteer in the ranks of the army and the police provincial sons to liberate their areas of terrorist gangs rather than resort to the National Guard." It is noteworthy that the theme of the National Guard and find the intricacies of the law by some lawmakers that since put Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi with assuming his official duties.