Parliamentary Finance suggest the inclusion of the new employees' salaries peace within the 2016 budget

He said the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed, on Thursday, that the general budget for the year 2016 will be less than in previous years likely to be handed the new employees' salaries, including.
Committee member and in an interview with "direction Press," he said the general budget according to assess the country's imports. He pointed out that oil prices, which depends on Iraq in public Moisnath in continuous decline.
He said Mohammed the federal government calculates the chapters of the budget by imports in order to stay away from the issue of domestic and foreign loans that have an impact on the Iraqi economy and the Iraqi dinar exchange rate.
The economic observers would expect that the proportion of the deficit in the budget next year will exceed 2016 be 30% because of low oil prices. While others believe that if oil prices exceeded the threshold of $ 60, as it expected the deficit would be less.
For its part, the Ministry of Finance announced on Wednesday it had submitted a draft budget in 2016 next to the Cabinet for discussion.