Parliamentary Finance: a deficit in the budget of 2016

Dated: September 17, 2015

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq was likely the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives member Jabbar Abdul Khaliq, Thursday, and a deficit in the budget of the next year in 2016 if built properly in accordance with current rates for Naft.oukal Abdul Khaliq in a press statement today: "The Budget Law for the year in 2016 the government is supposed to send it to the House in accordance with the time frame legal in next October end or November beginning, "noting that" the government did not send the law after and continues to study the process, there are governmental several meetings held on the budget next year the law. "

He added "The Ministry of Finance is one of the longer law and then posed in the cabinet for a vote and then be sent to parliament," expected to "send the government next year's budget law and according to schedule and will not delay it as was the case previously."

He explained that "the final estimates on prices Oil did not show definitively, because the development of oil prices is stable so far, it is expected to complete the picture during the month of next December ".orjeh be" There is a deficit in the budget of 2016 because of the instability of oil prices, as well as that did not build the price of oil in the budget 2016 at current prices the budget next year will see a large deficit. "