Parliamentary services: we will put special considerations for poor provinces in 2016 budget

09/17/2015 15:19 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
Confirmed to the Commission services and reconstruction parliamentary member Mohammed al-Masoudi, Thursday, put special considerations for the central and southern governorates in the 2016 budget, include services and the private sector.

He said Masoudi's / scales News /, that "the central and southern governorates complain about the lack of services for lack of funds and allocations adequate availability despite that those provinces resources constitute the largest proportion in the Iraqi economy," pointing out that "will be considerations regarding the provision of services and stimulate the private sector status in the 2016 budget next year. "

"The steps the government to stimulate the private sector will create additional revenues of and achieve self-sufficiency of the country," noting that "there are a number of measures will be put before the vote on the budget next year, serve the poor provinces."

He noted that "in the corridors of the House of Representatives there will be a budget different from the budget in previous years as a result of lack of financial revenues and the search for new revenue," revealing "the government's efforts to stimulate the private and especially the agricultural and industrial sector to move towards self-sufficiency and lack of hard currency out of the country."

It is said that "Iraq's draft budget for 2016 on the website of the Ministry of Finance showed on the internet, on Wednesday, the ministry proposes to balance the size of 113.5 trillion Iraqi dinars (99.65 billion dollars), with a deficit of 29.4 trillion dinars (25.81 billion dollars)."

The "office spokesman, Prime Minister Saad al-Sabri said, earlier, that the budget of 2016 takes a long time for her studies, as a member of the parliamentary finance committee and the Kurdistan Alliance MP Massoud Rostam revealed the need for the province to the financial budget of the center, considering that Oil exports inadequate to meet the requirements of the region ".anthy 29/28