Five parties ending discussions and Office of the President is talking about a solution soon

Twilight News / ended the five main Kurdish parties in Arbil meeting without reaching a final result of belonging to the Kurdistan Region Presidency placed.

The parties submitted Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Movement for Change and two parties Alasalamaan two proposals to the Democratic Party regarding the presidency of the province but did not announce them.

The head of the Office of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region, Fouad Hussein, told a news briefing after the meeting, said the four parties formally presented their proponents to the Democratic Party, without mentioning them.

He added that the parties Hussein will reach a conclusion as soon as possible, and agreed on the next meeting of the city of Sulaimaniya held on the sixth of next month.

He added that the parties agreed to hold a conference next Monday to discuss the cessation of media attacks among them.