Wasit nominate 30 projects of the Ministry of Planning to pay on credit

Wasit / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - announced the Chairman of the reconstruction in the Wasit expected Nomani, the nomination of 30 Asttrutejia projects in the province to the Ministry of Planning to implement Order on credit.

He called the Wasit Provincial Council member Mahdi al-Moussawi, earlier, the Ministry of Finance to support the orientation of local government to open duty-free shops in the border area of ​​the province at the Iraqi-Iranian border, and because of its large economic and financial returns for Wasit, Iraq in general.

Said Nomani's (IMN), that "the Committee which was formed recently from the deputy governor of Wasit and director of planning the province in addition to a number of engineers from the Office of the province nominated mentioned projects, which include infrastructure projects, hospitals, parks big water, as well as the delivery of the power supply to a number of villages and rural areas tiling and the establishment of power stations and paving roads and different schools of 8 row to row 100 and the ways modern and typical establishment of the Yearbook of ways for the third phase."

Referred to the Committee on Economic Affairs in the Council of Ministers directed all ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry and the provinces provide the Committee with all strategic projects intends to implement manner payment on credit.