Deputy: Anti-Money Laundering Act will put the transparency of political parties is at stake

Special - scales News - He said a member of the legal drafters Saman Fattah, Thursday, that the anti-laundering law will put at stake the transparency of political parties which affects the entity Party and reputation, calling for political blocs to review financial policies.

The opener for / scales News / "The law of parties, it contains material that is financing the legitimate parties by the government and the rest of Ermnav other through money laundering or financing from abroad and from organizations that have called a terrorist and hostile this influenced the establishment of the party," and urged that "the anti-money laundering law and legal terrorism parties be included in private and that there is one law materials in the law of parties indicates the party funding and money laundering was not supposed to have been confirmed by another law."

He added that "there mingling among more than material laws," stressing that "the state that contains the legislation to the laws of less is more advanced state, unlike countries with projects many laws and there is the straight legal line and was supposed to discuss all laws and find solutions to integrate in one law."

Student and member of the Legal Committee "the political blocs audited the financial policies as anti-money laundering law and there may be important political parties will be controlled by which affects the reputation of the party and its impact and of his being."

The House of Representatives voted, on Wednesday, in its regular 23 on the money laundering law.

Central Bank of Iraq as the price, Wednesday evening, the House vote on the draft anti-money laundering and terrorism financing law, pointing out that the law will provide a legal framework in line with international standards and requirements. It ended 29 quarters e