Allawi calls for training and preparing Iraqi special forces in Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates

Twilight News / Former Vice-President, leader of the National Coalition in the House of Representatives, Iyad Allawi, the international coalition against Daash terrorist organization led by the United States to train Iraqi special forces in the Arab countries.

According to a statement issued by the national coalition, Allawi met with a delegation in charge of the fight against terrorism and extremism is the UN Security Council and in the presence of advisers Saad Chuird and Luay al-Saidi was characterized by prolonged clarity and transparency and compatibility meeting.

The statement added that Allawi expressed his observations about what should be the face of the forces of extremism and Daash strategy, explaining that there are basic shortcomings and articulated in such a strategy, whether at the national level (Iraq), or at the level of the international coalition.

The statement continued that Allawi focused on the need to take into account the provision of supplies to achieve political victory and unity of the country and packing all energies to meet this challenge.

Allawi stressed the importance of the effort and cooperation of intelligence and real support of the Iraqi army from all the faces and the preparation of special forces in particular, and in order to develop the quality of its duties to hit the pillars of terrorism.

Allawi returned to full coordination between the coalition countries, including Iraq and invest the available spaces in Arab countries like Jordan, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates for the development of training and arming the Iraqi Special Forces, referring to invite Iran and Turkey to adopt a joint action with the coalition and Iraq states to defeat terrorism.