Deputy warns of recession in the event of the imposition of taxes and calls for obtaining the debt of companies

Warned the National Alliance MP Mohammed al-Masoudi, the taxation of citizens with limited income, noting that it will lead to a recession.
He said al-Masoudi, in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "more than 70% of the Iraqi people, according to statistics competent international organizations are from the middle and lower classes, which bore the brunt in the taxation of different materials and communications."

He added "The big risk would result in the case of the imposition of more taxes, including the inability of the two classes to buy their needs of living, which leads to recession," adding that "the tax policy in Iraq and obtaining additional funds to meet the severe shortage of Iraqi currency requires more careful decisions before taken until Iraq is falling into another.
"He said Masoudi" There is a range of solutions including the imposition of additional duties on luxury items that are not needed by the Iraqi family daily and obtaining money and the Cabinet and ministries of local companies and Arab banks to raise interest rates in the credit amounts in banks " .

The Committee on the economy and investment representative, announced today the formation of a committee process to follow to increase revenues by reducing expenses and collect taxes, so as to cope with the economic crisis.
She said a member of the Commission's [where], "There are several measures taken to address the economic crisis in the next year, 2016, including the issue of reducing the expenditure on the state budget by merging ministries, leading to increased revenue, through the collection of water, electricity, customs and tax revenues, "pointing to" the process of the formation of committees in Parliament to follow the revenue increase ".anthy