Dinar will not fall apart 9/16/2015
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    Dinar will not fall apart 9/16/2015

    Dinar will not fall apart

    of God be with the help of Iraq, have proliferated around conferences and statements and reports and data until we started we do not know their validity and accuracy behind: friend or foe and what is its purpose: construction or vandalism. Latest News disgusting that carries with it the threat and intimidation, intimidation and interference of citizens and stagger the economic and political situation in Iraq is that there is "an imminent collapse of the Iraqi dinar." There was no news from the World Bank or the institution of the many United Nations organizations or from one of the analyzes of global banks or insurance companies or by a global organization dedicated to the global capital markets or by newspapers or magazines concerned with money, such as wall street Journal or Bloomberg or Fortune. The warning came from the "Economist" named Mazen al-Obeidi. Mazen al-Obeidi, who is? what's your job? Where the center of his work?
    What are the scientific qualifications? Omar and his experience in the capital market? I do not know anything about. But this Obeidi trying to intimidate Iraqi citizens in his living and his fortune and confuse the Iraqi market through it mildly statement that free economy and the full policy goal miscarriage. In other words, it was al-Obeidi told political Glen and depraved and not an economic statement aimed at giving a bad image of the situation in Iraq and accusations far from the reality in Iraq before and after the appointment of Mr. Abadi on his head the Iraqi government. Fabricated statement is not much different from the statements and articles and features which disrupted the head of the Iraqi citizen by the enemies of change Thirteen year ago. The warning can not be described as an economic warning because it mined from beginning to end. Describes the warning that Iraq live amid security and economic chaos, the government's inability to pay the employees' salaries, with the war raging Daash, young people fleeing from Iraq, and the people of Anbar, Salahuddin and Mosul suffering from hardship. Then limp "economist" al-Obeidi to describe the past few years that has seen financial waste on bogus projects, the state wasted $ 800 billion, "except for the hidden amounts of billions of dollars." Report or statement carries the outcome of the country's "poor management of successive governments and download huge amounts of money the state budget and pay the salaries of tens of thousands of space jobs." Lord Is this report economic or political goal abuse report to a specific destination? We say to the presence of an "expert" so what exchange $ 800 billion in the past on the relationship dinar crisis "that was" this today? The money spent on "fake projects," the former with the collapse of the dinar "There was the collapse of the" relationship now? Is it reasonable to pay the salaries of the staff and the ghost in the previous period lead to the collapse of the Iraqi dinar in the subsequent period? Does it make sense then his economic predictability that does not know how already spent $ 800 billion? Five million of the Iraqi people between employees and pensioners and social security benefited from this amount in the previous eight years. Warning Obeidi does not differentiate much with Mr. Saher Oraibi article which Mr. al-Maliki accused of wasting $ 1000 billion. Mr. Oraibi wanted to disparage Mr. Maliki Fmdha. Yes, Iraq is going through a severe financial crisis due to the collapse in oil prices in the global markets and his war against Daash behalf of the world. But what the Iraqi dinar fine and still the governor of its value against other world currencies. One of the main reasons for the collapse of the local currency is the high inflation rate, because the general rise of prices at home forced the government to print currency faster than the speed of growth of the local economy, leading to a decline in value against foreign currencies. Just as happened in Iraq during the global boycott period and that the former regime had sprayed wheel machines currency printed to the highest speed with the result that the value of the dinar fell from US $ 2.8 per dinars to more than 7,000 dinars to the dollar. The last statistics of the Central Bank of Iraq says the inflation rate is less than 1%, the proportion probably at least in the Middle East and Iraq, so the printed banknotes unneeded does not need. Another reason for avoiding the collapse of the Iraqi dinar is the huge foreign currency reserves at the Central Bank of Iraq cabinets. Bank still retains more than $ 60 billion, an amount sufficient to support the Iraqi economy and the Iraqi currency. We are not talking about the economy of Yemen or Somalia but for the economy such as the size of the great diversity of the Iraqi economy. As the dinar and that will not fall apart because of government actions to avoid the effects of the financial crisis, led by economic austerity policy. In other words, to reduce government expenses will reduce the size of the domestic currency in circulation and thus can not be degradation based on the law of supply and demand. Other reason will not be reason to fear the value of the Iraqi dinar is Iraq's ability to borrow and there are countries and banks world is willing to lend and interest rates are not high because Iraq had not declared bankrupt before. Mosul has fallen is not military, but because of rumors promoted by Daash and sisters Daash as well as the fall Salahuddin and Anbar. Ramadi is the rumor that fell before it enters Daash four hours. I try Daash rumor in Iraqi society and succeeded by a huge success, and now wants to use the same tools to bring down Iraq economically by spreading rumors about the deterioration of the Iraqi dinar. The strength of the national economy, an economy, depends on the citizen's confidence in the economy of their country. American citizen accept the deal in dollars because he has full confidence that the dollar, which holds it can buy goods and services in an amount equivalent. And foreign uses the dollar because he has confidence that the dollar can be used in everyday transactions. But if the citizen has the confidence of national own currency, the value of the local currency would be the first victim. For example, if the government devalued its currency in the amount of 5% decided and then spreading tendentious propaganda effect that currency Sasebha reduction of another, the large part of the country's citizens Sterakdon convert the local money and foreign money, just like what happened to the European countries in the global recession time in the thirties of the last century . Why the CBI needs or the Iraqi government is to issue a statement illustrates the strengths of the Iraqi economy and reassuring citizens about the strength of the Iraqi dinar before launching the rumor collapse of the Iraqi dinar in the mind of the citizen, and there will succeed Daash plan and permeated economic chaos and the added headache new to the list of Iraqi aches.

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