No withdrawal of our forces in Anbar, we will announce soon Surprises

spokesman denied the popular crowd troops withdrawal from the crowd breakers operations forces in Anbar province. The MP said Ahmed al-Asadi told a news conference at the parliament building today was attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where], "are untrue news about the withdrawal of the popular crowd of Anbar or any other area, and these are no more than rumors want to confuse the public opinion," stressing that "the crowd Popular is the spearhead in the fight Daash and will participate in all processes of liberalization as it contributed to the liberalization of Tikrit, and will have a role in Anbar, in coordination with the armed forces. "He also denied al-Asadi" Participation of US troops fighting in Anbar or any other foreign power, "adding" do not accept any force non-Iraqi resides on the ground, "adding that" military advisers are present in the rules and confined to their training and advice to security forces at the request of the Iraqi government.
"He drew a spokesman for the popular crowd" not to start after the process of breaking into and edit the city of Fallujah, "noting that" the timing of the battle Open under way and its preparations.
"The Joint Special Operations Command, confirmed on Tuesday the absence of any US troops fighting in Iraq and that all battles led by the Iraqi leadership, denying at the same time health news that talked about the freezing of Iraqi military action and the crowd popular in Anbar province."
For his part, Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi yesterday surround the city of Ramadi Daash and military units need time to edit, to reduce and avoid losses more as much as possible, "stressing that" the role of the international coalition became the best from the former is aimed at dens Daash more accurately.
"security forces have been backing the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes, and the support of the international airline alliance, fighting continues against Daash in Anbar, and have made ​​progress in several axes .