Abadi Office reveals near the application of the "control program" to subdue corrupt severe accounting

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Detection prime minister's spokesman Haider al-Abadi Office, Tuesday, closely monitor the application program and an integrated calendar to subdue the "mafias corruption" to the severe accounting, as pointed out that there are decisions and steps will be taken to complete the first reforms recently launched by al-Abadi package. He said Saad al-Hadithi said in an interview to the Sumerian News, "There is an integrated program will be implemented during the coming period to subdue everyone to observe, calendar and therefore will be subject to severe corruption mafias accountable through the performance of regulatory and judicial institutions." The newborn, that "there are decisions and steps will be taken with respect to the completion of the first package of reforms announced last August," pointing at the same time that "reforms are not aimed at a specific point." It is said that Abadi, recently announced the launch of a series of reform packages and decisions after popular demonstrations and protests took place several Iraqi cities to demand reform and improve the services and the fight against corruption.