Report .. US officials providing false reports to the White House about Daash

Wednesday September 16 2015 | 07:06 evening

BAGHDAD / ..may officers and military leaders responsible for the war against al-Daash in Iraq and Syria to submit reports containing intentionally false information to the White House and Washington suggest the existence of a positive greater than it is in the ground.

According to a report published by the newspaper "New York Times" and translates as "eye Iraq News" that an investigation has been launched by the US Pentagon in the previous month showed far after the existence of false information analysis has been provided by the Central Command, the US Army known as the "Centcom" and officers of the Defense Intelligence leaders the situation on the ground in a positive show more than it is in reality as expressed by the General Investigation spokeswoman at the US Pentagon's "Bridget Serechak".

The newspaper, quoting a military intelligence analyst participated in the investigation of an unnamed that the investigation reached as a result he described as "a senior intelligence officer at the heart of all things on her head," where stressed the same source that involved the leaders in it are the senior officers in the unity of the Defense Intelligence of the central leadership and which are managed by the General "Steven R. Grove."

Recalls that the New York Times newspaper has addressed quoted by the news as well as "Eye Iraq News" at the time it states that the Pentagon has launched an investigation without regard to army commanders that the information then available for the investigation centered or type clearly.

This comes at a time Serechak confirmed it to the same source that the investigation now will continue to target detect any "fraud, confusion, discreetly or modify unrealistic to intelligence information", where you will search in depth about the existence of any personal interventions in the nature of dealing with the US intelligence supplied to the White House and the Pentagon.

It is worth mentioning, the signed news on the US political level may cause reactions wide has told Senator from California, "Adam Schiff," to the media, saying "We do not take allegations of fraud or fraud in the intelligence the US for the purposes of delivering the fact is that on the ground lightly "following up" after the discovery of a large defect in the information such as the Iraq war, we must make sure now that all the votes have been heard properly in order not to Tzeyss assessments again. "

It should be noted that the topic will be put next Wednesday at the General "Lloyd J. Austin" Central Command, the US military commander when he will make his testimony before a committee of the Senate on the war against the terrorist organization Daash. Ended 5.