Mahmood: Doors Judicial Development Institute is open to judicial investigators Society
16-09-2015 06:30 PM

President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud, received at the headquarters of the federal judiciary, on Wednesday, a delegation of judicial investigators Assembly, stressing opened the doors of the Judicial Development Institute of the Assembly.

According to a statement of the judiciary, that 'Judge Mahmood welcomed the delegation, stressing that the doors of the Judicial Development Institute of the Supreme Judicial Council are open to the Assembly to carry out its activities and courses for the development of judicial investigators. "

He added that 'and FD Assembly denounced his part attack against the judiciary, stressing the full standing with the judiciary and their symbols, and praised the support of Judge Mahmood to employees of the judiciary all ongoing and efforts, which include direct role in the adoption of judicial investigators privileges and its amendments