Parliamentary Finance confirms return Kartat packaging prices
to normal year-end

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Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed Wednesday that Kartat packing own mobile phones prices will return to normal later this year.
He said committee member Ahmed Sarhan Sarhan told / information / "The high Kartat own shipping prices of mobile phones is the tax policy drawn by the Iraqi government as a means of financial alternative to supplement the financial budget funds in order to cover the expenses of the House of Representatives."
He added that "Kartat packaging prices will return to normal, the end of the year, to coincide of the current fiscal year ends."
It is noteworthy that in the first of August 2015 the Iraqi government decided to impose a sales tax on Kartat shipping tax sales by 20% on all categories Kartat shipping and packing electronic all prepaid lines, as well as bills for postpaid lines as pointed out that this law applies to all participants in the companies mobile phones operating in Iraq
The balance of the price category has risen five thousand Iraqi dinars from 5,500 dinars to 6,500 dinars a day before the tax is likely to rise in the balance of shipping additional funds application
The militants fired on the social networking sites Lutfi mobile campaign in protest against the decision of the mobile phone companies to raise prices Kartat shipping because of the taxes that have been imposed on the companies recently as they called to extinguish mobile phones from four o'clock in the afternoon to fifth as a means to influence those companies to back down from its decision, which traces a wave of popular discontent. Finished / 25's