Iraqi coalition forces: Abadi austerity measures and a settling of accounts

By Shirin Dawood

4 minutes ago

Roudao - Erbil

He announced the Political Bureau of the coalition forces by the Iraqi Haider Mulla on Wednesday that al-Abadi taken austerity and administrative procedures and the settling of accounts and did not touch the reform package.

In a statement to Mullah Roudao network media received a copy of it that "at a time when we are behind the Iraqi people expect Abadi adopt real reform vision, a road map in which the mechanics of the process, aimed at the structural imbalance within the political process, and the fight against whales corruption which carved the budgets of the Iraqi state , we find the Prime Minister has deviated from the real reforms, and face towards the pack administrative procedures, and austerity, and the liquidation of political calculations. "

The statement added, "Abadi forgotten or overlooked that Ajrath and orders Diwaniyah, will not reflect positively on the lives of citizens living, and will not touch the Juhu real problem, there is no reform without beating iron, however, all of the corrupt authoritarian parties."

Also it reported that his reforms lacked the "cleansing state institutions of appointments absurd, and the adoption of an economic vision, able to cope with the fall in world oil prices, and take care of rights and rights of displaced people file and an end to forced their suffering, and activating the national reconciliation file, and the adoption of a clear identity in our foreign policy, in order to We can say that we have a genuine reform package. "