Sabri: Council of Ministers received the draft budget law for 2016

By Shirin Dawood

Two hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

Iraqi government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi said Wednesday, that the draft budget law for fiscal 2016 and arrived at the Council of Ministers.

Sabri said the network Roudao media that "the Ministry of Finance announced Monday that the bill will pass the Council of Ministers for consideration and vote on it then converts to the House of Representatives."

For his part, he stressed member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives Masood Haider "The draft law has been sent to the Council of Ministers," noting that "the details of this project is not available to us yet, and did not get any copy of it."

He said Haider network Roudao "After voting on it in the Council of Ministers, will be converted according to Iraqi laws in force in the tenth of the month of October to the House of Representatives."

And on news that talk about deducting the share of the budget of the province of Kurdistan in 2016, Haider ruled that out, noting that "there were views on dealing with the Kurdistan Region Oil and its share of the financial budget, but I do not think that is the deduction."

And was a member of the parliamentary finance committee for Jemaah Islamiah mass Ahmed Haji Rashid, announced last Saturday, the existence of a proposal submitted to the government of a prominent figure under which repudiated all included the share of the province of Kurdistan in Iraq's budget for the year 2016, with a spokesman refused to the prime minister to talk about the topic.

Despite the approval of the Iraqi government to balance public finances of the country for the year 2015, which was included in the share of the Kurdistan Region on the oil agreement concluded between the two sides at the end of last year, but that Baghdad has not committed to sending a full share of the province.