The Euphrates News Agency {} published the text of the 2016 budget

2015/9/16 14:48

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} got agency {Euphrates News} a copy of the state budget for 2016 submitted to the Cabinet by the Ministry of Finance.

It showed a draft of the Iraqi budget for 2016 that the ministry proposes to balance the size of 113.5 trillion Iraqi dinars (99.65 billion dollars), with a deficit of 29.4 trillion dinars (25.81 billion dollars).

Showed the budget that operating expenses 83 trillion project dinars and expenditure investment of 30 trillion dinars. and adopted the budget price of $ 45 a barrel project assumes the continuation of the agreement concluded in 2014 with the Kurdistan region of Iraq on oil revenues.

The Iraqi Finance Ministry announced on Tuesday it was a draft in the next 2016 budget to presented the Council of Ministers for discussion, indicating he was "in line with the Constitution of Iraq and directions of the government has provided the Ministry of Finance on September 14 2015, the draft budget law to the Cabinet for consideration and discussion before they are submitted to the Council of Representatives, "stressing" the importance of transparency and compliance with legal and constitutional Baltoukitat time.

"The ministry noted," it was the formulation and preparation of 2016 budget, in the light of the facts of the matter and to reduce public expenditures and to combat waste and extravagance in state revenues and diversify sources of national income in the country.

"She will publish the draft 2016 budget, in response to the obligations of transparency Atah.anthy standards for the budget text
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