Allawi: Abadi follows the style of Saddam issuing decisions

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -15 September / September: Semi Iraqi Vice President for national reconciliation and the President of the National Accord Movement, Iyad Allawi, making corrections to the last prime minister Haider al-Abadi, the decisions of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Allawi described in a newspaper interview, followed up / Iraq Press / on Tuesday, al-Abadi decisions concerning the abolition of the posts of Vice Chairman of the three Republic (Nuri al-Maliki, Osama Najafi, Iyad Allawi) as "not unconstitutional nor illegal, and contrary to the Charter of the national agreement on the basis of which formed The current government ". He said Iraqi Vice President who refuses his dismissal from office, he was "aware of this decision by the website of the Prime Minister that this decision without Atdarc with President Fuad Masum." Iyad Allawi, and pointed out that "al-Abadi publication of the decision location of prime minister, and his position is the Official Gazette, and this reminded me of the way Saddam Hussein, when he was meeting with the Minister or an official while the radio broadcast his dismissal, or refer the minister to retirement." And Iyad Allawi took the first transitional government for nine months after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime at the hands of US forces in April 2003.