Vice calling on the government to send federal budget and final accounts on time

BAGHDAD / ... called the National Alliance MP Hamid vegetative, Tuesday, the government to send the federal budget and final accounts on time set by the Constitution which is the tenth of the month of October of each year and the deadline for Ataatakhar as is the case in the past years. He said in a statement received "eye Iraq News," on the need to send the final accounts for the current year 2015 and other accounts of past years also addressed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives the government in previous years on the need to send the budget on time each year to avoid delays in the approval. " He vegetative he "must be guessing oil price reasonable and close to the rational expectations of oil prices in the global market of" stressing the "Cancel non-essential and luxury expenses that strain the budget." It is said that the final accounts general federal budget, the previous year, had been delayed in its arrival to the parliament, as well as the delay in the final accounts, to Ha.