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Cabinet approves bill to cancel the posts of Vice-President of the Republic Act

Khandan - Iraq's Council of Ministers held on Tuesday, its regular-sixth session under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, discussed in the beginning of the meeting developments in the military and security situation, and a number of issues on its agenda. He said the Information Office of Ebadi said in a statement, said the cabinet approved the draft Cancel the posts of Vice President of the Republic Act and submitted it to the House of Representatives based on the provisions of Articles 61 / item I, 80 / item II of the Constitution. The Council decided also that the Ministry of Agriculture adoption of support by 80 percent of the total cost of the seeds of wheat and barley crops. and approved by the Council of Ministers the withdrawal of laws sent projects to the parliament by the previous government for the purpose of review. The Council also approved the payment mechanism forward proposals to address the subject of ongoing and stalled projects or lagging due to lack of funding.