(Mann) open showroom and new service center in Erbil in cooperation with company 9/15
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Thread: (Mann) open showroom and new service center in Erbil in cooperation with company 9/15

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    (Mann) open showroom and new service center in Erbil in cooperation with company 9/15

    (Mann) opens showroom and new service center in Erbil in cooperation with the company (Teeramar)

    Khandan - opened the company (Mann) for trucks and buses Middle East (MAN Truck & Bus), the world's leading truck and bus manufacturing company, in collaboration with its partner Teeramar company, showroom and center of new international standards service level in the Iraqi city of Arbil, in order to create an infrastructure world-class customer support in the commercial vehicle sector in the region.

    The opening ceremony was attended each of the (Dieter L) Consul General of Germany in the Kurdistan region, and (Volcker and Ildner) Director of the German contact for Industry and Commerce Office in Iraq, and Nihad Qoja mayor of Erbil, and senior executives of the company (Mann) for trucks and buses and company Teeramar, as well as a number of agents, partners and customers.

    The new facility consists of three piers maintenance fully equipped, and pier examination for buses complies with European standards for tools and equipment and management systems. The new facility also includes a warehouse for spare parts extends over an area of ​​400 square meters, which is designed to ensure the continuous supply of original spare parts Mann, including filters, lubricants and others.

    He said (Franz von Radhwicz), General Manager (Mann) for trucks and buses the Middle East: "embodies the opening of our new center in Erbil further evidence of the commitment of MAN trucks and buses and the support provided to customers and the region as a whole. Appreciates our customers the existence of such a facility reliable to meet their needs support services for sales and maintenance, and in spite of the difficult social and political environment in Iraq. The new facility will serve as a central hub for the distribution and sales network services Teeramar in all parts of Iraq."

    This company plans Tیramar, to open a second permanent exhibition in Baghdad in the second half of the year Hzە, in addition to exhibitions network capacity and service centers, the Company Tیramar continue to give and transfer information on cars and commercial engineering.

    And in the framework of technical lectures held at the University of Technology in Baghdad chain, the company Teeramar sponsoring and supporting educational program through an extended lecture about the latest diesel engine technologies. The seminar was held recently under the title of "new technology for diesel engines," it has highlighted the three main factors that must be taken into account in the diesel engine, an engine efficiency and reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

    And Engineer Ali Zinni of Teeramar company delivered the lecture, and was attended by more than 70 professors, teachers and students of Automotive Engineering of the event.

    And the two companies seeking Man and Teeramar to the organization of the training program in Erbil in order to give teachers and students and more technical information on the details of the work Maکیnat diesel by experts in the Company (Mann).
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