Tel Aviv formally request from Cairo buy Israeli gas under the previous agreement

Cairo - time - A government source in Cairo detection (time) that the Israeli government formally asked the Egyptian government to implement an agreement signed between them in 2014 to buy Israeli gas for 15 years comes the Israeli demand after the largest natural gas fields discovered Egypt, which will affect the Israeli gas sales.

The security sources revealed elements of the Israeli Mossad that is securing the new Israeli Embassy building against any attack upon by the Egyptians.

In the same context the monitoring and political experts reasons that prompted Egypt to re-opening of the Israeli Embassy In this context, Egyptian experts said, that 4 reasons stood behind Egypt and Israel's decision to re-opening of the Tel Aviv embassy in Cairo on Wednesday after four years of closure.

In separate interviews, he told "Anatolia" Turkish regarded experts in the Israeli and international and Palestinian affairs that the four reasons behind the opening of the Israeli embassy reflected the "international legal requirements that require the presence of an embassy," and "common interests and political hypocrisy," and "the culmination of the evolution of Egyptian-Israeli relations that are not up to what it is today in the history of Egypt, "and" an Israeli message to the Egyptians to reopen the embassy on the same day that it was closing after mass protests years ago."

Ray and Tarek Fahmy, the Egyptian academic and expert on Israeli affairs that the first reason for the re-opening of the Israeli embassy due to "the requirements of international law, which requires that there should be normal relations between the countries of the presence of the headquarters of embassies in those countries."

Fahmi added that "the Egyptian-Israeli relations are currently stable and there is no tension calls Unlike which was the result re-open the embassy in Cairo yesterday."

For his part, Said Allounda, Egyptian academic and an expert on international political relations, said that "the common interests between Egypt and Israel pushed both sides to restore diplomatic relations to normal, despite overwhelming popular rejection of the Egyptian any rapprochement between Cairo and Tel Aviv."

He added in an interview Allounda agency "Anatolia", that "the re-opening of the Israeli Embassy in Cairo is a degree of political flattery between the two parties."

He pointed out that "Israel sees itself as Middle Eastern countries are interested in the political and security stability, and therefore the stability with its neighbor Egypt is in their interest."