Parliamentary Security discussed with the Minister of Defense and paper security reforms

Brother - Baghdad - The head of the Commission on Security and Defence Parliamentary of quitting the committee hosting and Defense Minister Khalid al-Asadi and army chief of staff and the agency and his aides and officers of the corner and general manager of processing and armament general manager of the budget and the inspector general of the Ministry of Defence to discuss in the paper the reforms put forward by the Commission."

Said Zamili in a joint press conference with the Minister of Defense and a number of members of the Committee and was attended by a reporter for News Agency (et) that the Defense Ministry is very cooperative with the ministry and opened all its files before the committee and answer most of the questions of Representatives, noting that the Commission on Security and Defense paper was prepared reforms of the security of the institution is a year and we discussed with the Minister of Defense Ministry to be the interface to address the security and the fight against terrorism and withstand the Daash."

He noted that Defense Minister answered many of the questions of Representatives and the readiness of his ministry to counter terrorism and edit usurped cities, pointing out that his committee encouraged by good to complete so many decades of the aircraft mission and weapons that increase the determination of the soldiers."

He stressed the need to focus Zamili soldier and the distribution of his salary on time and comfort, and the delay in salary should be resolved with the Ministry of Finance crisis, calling for the distribution of the interior and defense ministries all salaries before because they're dealing with terrorism."

For his part, the Minister of Defense that "his ministry expressed its full readiness to answer all questions the members of the House of Representatives, stressing that the communication with the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary contribute to building the military properly professional capable of maintaining the security of the citizen."