A member of the parliamentary Finance: money laundering law is ready and will be presented to a vote during the next two days

BAGHDAD / Antrzabra the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider said that the money laundering law is ready for the vote and will be presented during the next two days.

The Council of Ministers approved in the first of the month of July on the draft anti-money laundering and terrorism financing law, and referred it to the House of Representatives for approval.

He said Haider's (IMN) that "the anti-money laundering laws are very important law," noting that "the Finance Committee has completed all its clauses and ready to vote Awalkhamis Wednesday of this week."

He stressed that the law "will do anti-money laundering in the Directorate of the Central Bank," adding that "the law books in the hands of Iraqi parliamentary and financial experts and experts from the International Labour Financial Group, which have 49 to meet the requirement Bmaiarham".

He noted that "the bill meets all international standards."

And confirmed the Association of private banks, on Wednesday, that the legislation of anti-money laundering law avoids entering Iraq within the black list and gives global confidence Iraqi banks.

The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords beginning of the month of July the approval of the Council of Ministers of the draft submitted by the anti-money laundering law Bank, calling on Parliament to give priority to the law passed in anticipation of the situation in Iraq in the "black list".

The new law sets the framework and concepts clear and effective provisions that enable the central bank, the judiciary and the relevant authorities to exercise their roles and tools commensurate with the seriousness of money laundering and terrorist financing crimes.

Deterrent to acts of money laundering as well as places that this law will give confidence in the global foreign dealings with Iraqi banks.

And money laundering is the recycling of funds resulting from illegal acts and convert them to the fields and channels of investment legitimacy to hide the true source of these funds, Examples of such unlawful acts (funds generated by the kidnapping, theft and looting of public money, drug trafficking and slave, prostitution and arms trade).

It is noteworthy that Article II of the Anti-Terrorism Act punished for the crime of terrorist financing terrorist activity is a criminal activity as a component of the material element in the crime of terrorism.