French Peugeot heading for the opening of an official agency in Kurdistan

Arbil scales News -
It announced the Union of Chambers of Commerce in the Kurdistan region, on Tuesday, that the French Peugeot carmaker will open the first official agency for the sale of its products in the region during October.

Relations Officer of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce in the region Azad Sherwani said, "and pointed a delegation from the French consulate in the region, we were informed that a delegation from Peugeot carmaker will arrive in the region in the sixth month of October next, and will be opened by the first official agency have to sell their products in the region."

He pointed out that "the French company will meet with the delegation during the visit, a number of businessmen and local businesses, to discuss cooperation together."

The Peugeot "Company of the main manufacturers of car companies in Europe, and the largest of its kind in France" .anthy 29 / d 25