Dhi Qar Council demands ministries regardless daily measure salaries

Twilight News / Dhi Qar Provincial Council demanded Tuesday, federal ministries regardless daily wage earners late salaries for months, indicating that the local government pays special attention to this subject and is seeking to increase their salaries from the petro-dollar allocations.

The head of the Council Hamid Naeem Gazan responded in a statement to Twilight News, "The Council addressed the many ministries to demand official books regardless measure daily salaries in all of those ministries and departments".

"The local government estimates take into account the living conditions of the daily conduct and hold them the trouble of working without wages for long periods, as well as
The difficult financial conditions experienced by our province like the rest of the provinces of the country."

Gazan pointed out that "the local government pay special attention to this issue and trying to find a quick and appropriate action that serve the daily and accelerate their salaries and not to delay, as well as increased allocations from the petro-dollar solutions."

The delegation from the province of Dhi Qar Council includes Gazan and a number of members of the council met last September 6 in Baghdad, Minister of Construction and Housing and public municipalities Tariq Kikhany to discuss a number of topics of interest to the province, notably water and sewage, roads, bridges and residential complexes projects, and the transfer of powers and the issue of the procedure salaries delayed daily.

The House of Dhi Qar, had revealed earlier in the allocation of 20 billion Iraqi dinars from the petro-dollar budget for a number of important service sectors in the province and increase the salaries of daily action.