Proposals to reduce immigration .. reopening of laboratories and providing job opportunities and the granting of loans


Dinars / Abbas Al passengers / .. it seems that immigrants and refugees Iraqi crisis to European countries urged some officials in the Iraqi government to search for ways and alternatives and new ways to reduce them, but to preserve the efficiencies and the owners of scientific disciplines and rare young blood and graduates, and in order to change public thinking for all segments of Iraqi society to work and building and reconstructing the country and raise the scientific level and contribute to the building of infrastructure and advancing the development of a forward.
Civil society organizations in Iraq there was a role too, as some organizations took hold seminars and workshops to publicize the dangers of illegal immigration and go into the unknown and the introduction of families, especially children and women in trouble danger by crossing state borders without permission.
As called for some of the Prime Minister politicians to consider the youth file and facilitate all the obstacles they face through the activation of the private, mixed and thrown sector in the development of the economic process in Iraq instead of their exposure to risk Immigration and the loss of Iraqi competencies and energies Youth. "The Iraqi government and the Council to consider and work in earnest House of Representatives in order to find solutions to young people to reduce the phenomenon of migration climate that helps them to stay for the construction of the homeland and the service of his people and provide."
and that "the migration of young people out of the country portends danger to the country because it will empty energies Youth and competencies, "noting that" We have to find a strategy and clear to the Iraqi government to keep the young Iraqis and reduce their migration out of the country ", and the necessity of activating the private sector and investment Iraqi competencies to operate the unemployed youth."
He warned citizens Taped phenomenon of migration and asylum abroad two proposals on the Iraqi government re-open laboratories and factories suspended from work for decades, and to stop the patronage appointments and refused to enter the political parties and blocs in employment and access to employment opportunities equal with the terms of reference of scientific and certificates they hold, and provide opportunities for the unemployed through the launch of soft loans without interest to set up Projects fetch them money to help them life.
As demanded authority in Najaf through Friday sermons Iraqi government to work for real reforms contribute to creating real opportunities for all citizens
and to be prime minister Abadi more "daring and courage" to fight "financial and administrative corruption", where the country is going through difficult times and suffered crises variety impacted seriously on the lives of citizens and have had repercussions on the lives of a lot of them ", and set the right person in the right location, regardless of religious affiliation or ethnic," he ruled the religious authority Recent big passport to emigrate to the European country provided they do not leave the teachings of the Islamic religion, after a tug of war by some clerics who see that migration to Europe ungodly at all.
The standing economic factor in the introductions to the causes of youth migration to Europe, according to what he sees media professionals and economists, who say that the State has contributed to pay young people to Immigration through the introduction of supported Asian foreign labor while Iraqi youth are suffering, especially graduates of unemployment and lack of job opportunities, leaving them migrate from the country to search for a livelihood and a decent life and social and health insurance and education
and witnessing Iraq's wave of emigration by young people because of the deteriorating security situation after the control of the organization Daash terrorist on Areas in the north and west of the country and the displacement of thousands of families in addition worsening economic situation after the decline in oil prices in global markets.
The phenomenon of migration is the most dangerous in the history of the country where has not seen such a wave even in the days of the eighties and nineties where the war that lasted more than eight years and after the imposition of the blockade Economic and aggravation of torture dictatorial methods.
There are no official statistics and certain of the number of refugees, both at the Ministry of Displacement and Migration, or when the Office of International Refugee Affairs, it offers more than 38 000 Iraqis applied for asylum to the 27 European countries in the last year as the number of applicants reached asylum from Iraqis in the first seven months of this year about 16 thousand, and came in the forefront of countries Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Britain, Turkey and Norway, and the numbers are increasing, as it appears to some cities, free or semi-free youth.