Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi, stresses the importance of the actual development of the agricultural sector and increase its contribution to the gross national product

Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Haidar al-Abbadi stressed the importance of developing the agricultural sector and the actual contribution to the increase in GDP, pointing to the need to expand the circle of beneficiaries of this sector, which will contribute to job creation and the advancement of agriculture. He said sovereignty in his speech during the workshop implementation of economic reforms under the slogan (the advancement of the sector agriculture in order to support the national economy) that some of the bureaucratic procedures contribute to the obstruction of the work and procedures, and we have taken a project to simplify these procedures and raise excess episodes obtrusive and we will hold all causes of this, pointing to the importance of real partnership between the private and public sectors. Added Dr. Haider al-Abadi said citizens want reform and we are working, and are continuing to implement reforms and there are obstacles cumulative work hard to overcome, and there are attempts to block these reforms, especially of those affected, and tell them that we will continue it and to reduce government spending even if oil prices rose, because this approach is wrong and harmful state. He said sovereignty and that there is a possibility to get out of the crisis stronger, but we need a positive patience and not despair, indicating that we are in a time when we are working for the implementation of reforms and face these economic and financial challenges, we are at war with terror Daash gangs that require money and weapons, and we are working on create a balance in order to provide the weapons that you need the battle. He said the Prime Minister that the livestock is still not yet at the required level, and must work to develop and make use of them larger.

Information Office of the Prime Minister
September 14, 2015