Allawi's coalition calls for the delivery of financial dues peasants and warns of deteriorating Agriculture
Long-Presse / Baghdad
Called national coalition led by Iyad Allawi, on Monday, the Ministry of Finance to deliver the ministries of trade, agriculture benefits farmers for the purpose of distributing them, as warned of the deterioration of the agricultural sector in the country.
The MP said the National Coalition Nayef al-Shammari, during a press conference held in the parliament building, and attended (range Press), "The Ministry of Finance claim, today, handed over the Ministries of Trade and Agriculture peasants dues for the purpose of distributing them," adding, that "the financial did not provide those peasants own funds. "
Shammari said, that "days after sowing season starts next year and can not meet the requirements of the seed because they did not receive their dues which will lead to damage to the agricultural sector in Iraq."
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi face, on Thursday (20 August 2015), finance and trade ministries regardless dues peasants immediately.
It is noteworthy that a number of demonstrations of agricultural, launched in a number of cities and provinces in Iraq in recent days to demand regardless financial dues of the marketing of agricultural crops, including wheat, barley and maize, with some of them threatened to cut off roads and declare civil disobedience in the case did not achieve their demands.