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Parliamentary Integrity's Zora: Priority to reveal spoilers in armament contracts and real estate projects and the state lagging

More than 540 corruption custody of the Integrity Commission file

Zora / Yousef Salman: still efforts are concentrated in the parliamentary committees follow-up financial and administrative corruption files in the joints of the State and the verification of the role of government sectors involved in the fight against corruption and the corrupt chase to receive their just punishment. Parliamentary Integrity Commission confirmed that it referred more than 540 file corruption to the Integrity Commission for the completion of investigations, also acknowledged its intention to face the mafias and corruption charges directly to it.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee called for al He said al He stressed that "to the Parliamentary Integrity Committee formed with the Integrity Commission joint committees to follow up the irregularities that accompanied the process of sale and ownership of real estate in the state is a fundamentalist, and contrary to the law." He accused the deputy head of the Integrity Committee leaders and the heads of political blocs in the previous session legislation to prevent the Integrity Commission Act and the disclosure of financial receivables. He said that "during the previous session stop the leaders and heads without exception all of the blocks against the legislation of the Integrity Commission Act and the disclosure of financial receivables strict controls established by the and suspicious contracts as well as theft and tampering with public money. According to "Zora" that "the parliamentary Committee on the Elimination awaiting action on the resolution of those files and bring the perpetrators to justice." He explained that "there is a tendency by all members of the committee to open all files of corruption, which is for the previous governments and also current and submitted to the judiciary."

He pointed out, "it was forming an internal committee to follow up all the irregularities that accompanied the sale and ownership of real estate State contracts armament deals aircraft and issues waste of public money and even new issues that have become trading in government operations and the sale of government positions to political parties and blocs." He believed that "the ministries of defense and interior are not Mtaaontin with the Integrity Commission and the Committee of the Parliamentary Integrity to investigate the armament contracts files that have been concluded under the previous governments." He pointed out that "these contracts of the most important files that must be investigated and the statement of realities and there is no excuse for not investigating."

" He noted the involvement of officials have held senior positions in the ministry during the previous governments in those files. The Court of integrity and economic crime and money laundering in Baghdad announced the existence 53 issue of financial and administrative corruption related to the Ministry of Finance, and while confirming that some of the defendants in which high degrees, stressed that the investigation was mostly in advanced stages. Said Ehab Abdul Redha investigative judge of integrity in Baghdad in the interview that his court is currently considering 53 files belonging to the Ministry of Finance relating to charges of financial and administrative corruption.
He said Abdolreza that some of these files has reached advanced stages would be referred to the trial court.

He pointed out that "the defendants in some cases this degree Director General of the Undersecretary of the Ministry. " The judge noted achieve integrity to "approach the Office of the Inspector General in the Ministry of Finance to provide administrative investigation and the statement of the amount of damage in public money earned because of these files."