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Zora's parliamentary Finance: strong and modern Iraqi dinar opposite just rumors

Excluded the Parliamentary Finance Committee, the possibility for the collapse of the Iraqi national currency against the backdrop of the financial crisis that beset the country, and described the news you are talking about as "rumors" promoted by some currency traders in order to achieve an illegal advantage, as he emphasized that oil imports enough yet to pay Mozvin.oukal Committee member Masood Haider Rustam salaries in a statement for "Zora", yesterday: news that talk about for the collapse of the Iraqi national currency due to the financial crisis, are just "concerns incorrect and untrue," attributing the cause to that of the dinar Iraqi strong enough to survive. Rustam said: that the amount of the Iraqi dinar circulating in the market currently estimated at about 40 trillion dinars, and Iraq has a financial reserve of hard currency is estimated at 60 billion dollars, that is as much as 150% of the Iraqi currency. Said Rustam: that is the hard currency which gives the value of the Iraqi dinar, and therefore "these concerns intervention in the door of the rumors, the fact that some hard currency traders want to take advantage through the launch."

And on salaries and the government's ability to pay regularly without problems, Rustam said that Iraq sells oil and imports enough to pay staff salaries, noting that Iraq is a real need to austerity, particularly as the number of employees in it is very large compared to neighboring and international standards countries, and it needs to program reform of government. Rustam believe: that the economic situation in Iraq and the world swing, and the economy can not be certain the occurrence of a certain thing or do not say for sure.

So said a member of the parliamentary finance committee pros Hamadoun Hamid Hassan buckets for "Zora": The oil reserves in Iraq large, as well as the Central Bank's foreign currency reserves, they are "available and large", so the salaries in safety, and talk about the possibility of a "collapse in the former national currency early. " And on the financial liquidity showed a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Najiba Najib, the financial bond issuance will not meet the obligations of the financial state, as pointed out that Iraq is suffering from providing liquidity Almalah.oukalt Najib: that the issuance of securities is one of the means resorted to by the state after the fall in prices oil, comes from the phrase measures to increase fiscal revenue, indicating that the House of Representatives to grant powers and vacation legitimacy to issue bonds and sell them in international markets. Najib said: that the bond issue, amounting to $ 6 billion will not meet the financial obligations of the state and be covered under the current circumstances, pointing at the same time that Iraq is suffering from the provision of liquidity, but the government is moving to increase revenue.

The central bank earlier announced his intention to launch bonds in favor of the Ministry of Finance worth two billion dollars, and as pointed out that the bonds due and payable by the end of 2016, confirmed that it can be used as collateral for loans or facilities require collateral.