Abadi accused of "affected" obstructing reforms and confirms the livestock is not at the required level

Accused Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, affected by the reforms, to "work to block it," and stressed that the government continues to reform, and as pointed out the importance of developing the agricultural sector and the actual contribution to the increase in GDP, pointed out that livestock is not at the required level. Haidar al-Abadi, in a speech during the workshop implementation of economic reforms under the slogan (the advancement of the agricultural sector in order to support the national economy), and followed up (range Press), said that "some bureaucratic procedures contribute to disrupt the work and procedures and we have taken a project to simplify these procedures and raise excess episodes obtrusive and we will work to Accounting cause of all this matter, "stressing" the importance of the actual development of the agricultural sector and increase its contribution to the gross national product. "
He said al-Abadi, that "citizens want reform and we are working and continue the implementation of reforms and there are obstacles cumulative work hard to overcome," noting that "there are attempts to block these reforms, particularly of those affected them and tell them that we will continue it and to reduce government spending even if oil prices rose because of this approach is wrong and very dangerous for the country. "
He said al-Abadi, that "there is a possibility to get out of the crisis stronger, but we need the patience of the positive and not to despair," pointing out, "While we are working to implement the reforms and face these economic and financial challenges we are fighting a war with terrorist Daash gangs that require funds and weapons and work to create a balance in order to provide weapons that you need the battle. "
The Chairman of the Council of Ministers, to the "Livestock is still up to now is not the required level," stressing the need to "work to develop and make use of them larger."
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed, on Thursday (the 10th of September 2015), that the reforms did not target specific figures and the longer figures on the link "a personal and close it," and stressed the need not to convert positions to all privileges, and with the exception of the simplification of government anti-corruption measures , he pointed out that the country before the test was caused by economic decline in oil prices.
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi confirmed, on Wednesday (9th of September 2015), that the government continues to battle reforms to eliminate financial and administrative corruption and red tape, and pointed to the existence of plans to meet the challenges.
The head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, warned on Tuesday (Al8mn August 2015), from the impatience of parliament because of the slow pace of reforms announced by the government, and stressed that the Iraqi street, "I did not feel any change approach reformist, while likely to Parliament to reconsider the mandate submitted to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the implementation of the reforms package.
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi taken assertive several of the reforms recently as a result of the mass movement that uncle of 11 provinces, calling for reform and the fight against corruption and improve services, including reducing the ministerial cab from the 33 to 22 only a first step, and reducing the protections of senior officials by 90%, and salaries as well as for many other procedures, while the government and parliament that approved the reforms, the latter by strengthening other package, and enjoyed popular support as well as the supreme Shiite religious authority.
The head of the Council of Ministers, taken in (the ninth of August 2015), six reform decisions, represented the abolition of the posts of Vice President and the Prime Minister "immediately", a comprehensive and immediate reduction in the number of protections for state officials, among them the three presidencies, ministers, MPs and special grades and Directors General The conservatives and members of the provincial councils and their grades, as the face of the removal of all senior positions from quotas partisan and sectarian, and the abolition of the special provisions for each presidencies bodies and state institutions and retirees of them, as well as guidance to open past and current files of corruption, under the supervision of a supreme committee to combat corruption is made up of specialists and working principle ( Where did you get this), and called on the judiciary to adopt a number of specialists known judges of integrity fully to investigate and prosecute corrupt, and feminine ministries and agencies to increase efficiency in government work and reduce costs, while the Council of Ministers called for the approval of the decisions and call the House of Representatives to ratify it to enable the Chairman of the Board Minister of the reforms called for by the supreme religious authority and demanded by the citizens, and the Cabinet approved this reform package unanimously, on the same day.

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