Abadi: Previously our face to facilitate the granting of loans to farmers and there is still delay

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - He stressed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi , Monday, that previously facilitated the face of everything related to loans peasants, pointing out that there is still a delay in it, while stressing the need to look for other sources of water for use in support of the agricultural sector.

Ebadi said in a speech during the start of the second workshop for the implementation of reforms in Iraq for the advancement of the agricultural sector to support the national economy, and attended by Alsumaria News, that "we can get the best legislation regarding the development of the agricultural sector, but the problem is in the bureaucracy and the slow pace of implementation of those decisions."

Abadi said "our face since last May to facilitate everything related to loans peasants but there is still a delay in it."

In a separate context, Abadi explained that "ten years ago water levels began to decline and the decline in the country after recourse other countries for the construction of dams and irrigation work projects."

He stressed the need to "look for other sources of water for use in support of the agriculture sector."

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Central Bank announced on Monday (September 7, 2015), from the start of the largest finance lending programs in Iraq firing process, indicating that it specific to the financing of industrial, agricultural and housing sectors also supports small and medium enterprises and revitalizing the Iraqi economy.