Abadi: Country ventured by spending less oil and imports of salaries that we need

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - The prime minister single-Abadi, Monday, that the state ventured into spending, at a time between the current oil imports is less than the salaries needed by the country, he noted that state spending is heading unreasonably.

Ebadi said in a conference the start of the second workshop for the implementation of reforms for the advancement of the agricultural sector to hold, today, in Baghdadand attended by Alsumaria News, "The reforms at the beginning of theNGED have an impact in light of the large accumulations of state corruption and the loss of wealth", adding that "state spending doubled abnormally" .

He added Abadi, that "the State ventured when increased spending after he had wrongly assumed that the production of Iraq's crude oil will reach more than 8 million barrels per day and oil prices will escalate," he said. "This assumption adventurer and can not be dealt with the community in this adventure, considering that this related to people's lives. "

Abadi pointed out that "the state is heading in the tunnels is reasonable and normal", stressing that "we are fighting today even control the spending and oil imports is less than the salary that we need today and try to find a solution and we are keen on it."

The drop in oil prices represents a big problem for Iraq, which relies on oil revenues, mainly as a source of income at a time when facing major internal challenges of Baktale with Daash organization and the need to save money for essential services, which suffers from a significant shortage.