MP Kazem al-Abadi al-Shammari calls to have the courage to hold accountable spoilers rather than protect them

Sep 14 2015
(Voice of Iraq) - a statement called the House of Representatives member of the national coalition lawmaker Kazem al-Shammari, Monday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to be more courageous and aggressive in his dealings with corrupt files and in tune with the demands of the masses in the removal of spoilers Instead of protecting them and providing lambs Fdaoua them. Al-Shammari said in a press statement by his press office, said that "reforms Abadi, if continued in this vein, which depends on turning around the problem without addressed directly and protect the corrupt rather than hold them accountable and make scapegoats them will have negative repercussions than if no Yebda reforms originally. "

He added that" reforms must include all the spoilers without favor to the party or personal or party, the fact that the case with today targeting small ministries or degrees did not impact on the budget of the country, including 5% and leave the spoilers rightful ordered us to reconsider our positions as we put forward formerly of the need to grant Abadi adequate opportunity to carry out reforms adapted to the demands of the masses and religious reference. "

He said Shammari said" the people when he went onto the street was calling for the provision of services and accounting spoilers Although the demonstrations older than a month and a half did not hear about the spoiler Accounting in the true sense, but was most reform packages address the sub-problems or minor not serve the people, and I make to balance the country's something noteworthy, at a time when we wish to take advantage of Abadi mandate of the people, the parliament and the reference to achieve real reforms and make mischief to eliminate and restore the country's wealth looted, "calling on him to" to be more courageous and aggressive in addressing files corruption in harmony with the demands of the masses and not the wishes of the parties. "inform the Office of the Attorney Kadhim al-Shammari

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