Public Prosecutor reveals the move suits against senior officials in Babylon for corruption charges

Face public prosecution service in the presidency of the resumption of Babylon all departments and institutions of the province telling him for crimes related to public money, as he emphasized a review of most of the files closed to the Integrity Commission in Babylon, pointing out that "some of which contain evidence" being investigated, while the detection of "trigger lawsuits against senior officials in the province. "

The judge said Hussein Shaker prosecutor in Babylon reporter (Media Centre of the judiciary - JAMC) that "the public prosecutor at the head of the resumption of Babylon face all departments and institutions in the province to provide Alakhbarat all files of corruption." "We fear we take on our staff on their livelihoods, so we have taken measures to protect them according to the law" and called on "all citizens to inform the public prosecutor with all the suspicions ensure confidentiality." He pointed out that "the public prosecutor Move complaints against senior officials in the province relating to the files of corruption, were to take legal action, which is now under investigation." It Shaker "and we send a letter to the investigating judge of integrity send all closed by the Integrity Commission files, and is still up to us in the form of payments and make the audits in accordance with law."

He also confirmed that "re-audit in 249 informing in corrupted files closed to the Integrity Commission," revealed "the existence of 27 informing containing evidence from our point of view, and we asked to move from a new complaint before an investigative judge in the integrity of Babylon." He attributed the prosecutor "to close these files by the integrity of inexperience," an indication of the "glitch legislative in Integrity Act allows the closure of files even without submission to the investigating judge," while the student to "modify this law allows the claim of the public scrutiny all Alakhbarat contained." Shaker "public prosecutors ready to go out to any place to follow up on complaints, despite the fact that this is not our duty, which requires Alakhbarat received at the headquarters of the Crown Prosecution Service." He pointed to the prosecutor that "some departments and state institutions in the province containing the eyes to follow up on violations and then tell the public prosecutor," explaining that "this is the efforts and personal relationships in order to preserve public money."