US Consulate General in Erbil talking about granting visa to emigrate to the United States

Twilight News / denied the US Consulate General in Erbil province of Kurdistan, to grant immigrant visas to the citizens, stressing that it does not encourage one to emigrate.

In a statement to the consulate it reported to Twilight News, to express satisfaction with the provision of information on the granting of visas to the United States, noting that the number of Iraqi media reported false information that Alguetsalih Princess in Arbil receiving visa applications for Migration.

He stressed that the consulate does not receive requests for visas for Migration (IOM) does not grant visas for Migration, adding that all types of visas for migration is managed in the US embassy in Baghdad headquarters.

He pointed out to inquire about the immigration visa which they can obtain the right of permanent residence in the United States wishing to visit the US embassy site through this link:

He said the US consulate in Arbil statement it receives requests for visa types normal except for an immigrant visa in order to visit the United States, such as tourism, trade, study and temporary work visa, but he also said diplomatic and official visa granted only from the US embassy in Baghdad exclusively.

He stressed that the visa request must be through the presentation via the Internet and be interview by specifying the date system (Online) via the Internet through the Consulate General of the site.