We are uniquely banks and the names of the people involved the theft of the Iraqi Central Bank

Iraq - Hassan Shammari - Ahmad Chalabi, a member of Iraq's parliament declared the first and accused of stealing the Iraqi Central Bank and documents Almkhabrath device during the entry of US troops to Iraq in 2003 for a list of the names of the banks that are smuggling currency Included list
The first group of thieves that Iraq was handed over its files to eliminate and integrity
Huda Bank
United Bank
North Bank
Middle East Bank
Bank of Assyria
Names that were stolen from Iraq
1 _ and Haitham Fadel Al Dabbas Al-Dabbas their companies and real and imaginary
2 _ Hamad al-Moussawi involved fake projects and false invoices
3 _ali boy and his sister Middle East Bank money laundering and false invoices
4_ gave Tabra cousin Aseel Tabra
5 _ Hamid Al-Najjar
6_tarq Hassan
Bahaa al-Araji 7_
8 _asam Haider al-Asadi and Essam al-Asadi
9 _ Judge Mohsen Jafar al-Khazraji, along with five judges
10 _ Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki official Green Real Estate and his gang saw Abu Kadhim more
11 _ Abdel-Qader al-Obeidi
12 _ Mohammed Tamim
13 _adl Mohsen
List up to 300 name [other names]