People crowd calls for the United States to respect Iraq refuses to withdraw from the Anbar

(Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad ruled out the popular crowd, on Sunday, any ground intervention American in Anbar, returned to talk about it is a "confusion" of the security file and intrusive "blatant" serve (Daash), while The United States called for respect of Iraq and not to "exploit" the current circumstances, to impose "its dictates", he emphasized that the crowd fighters "will not withdraw" from the province because they are fighting for Iraq in favor of religious authority the advisory opinion and popular support.

The body of opinion by the popular crowd, cream Nouri said that "talk about the freezing of US troops and the Iraqi army and the work of the popular crowd in the ongoing military operations in Anbar is a confusion of the security file, and blatant interference serves the organization Daash." He expressed hope that "the United States dealing with the security file in a manner worthy of the reputation of Iraq and its international relations." He added Al-Nouri, the "popular crowd respects the Iraqi government agreements with the international coalition countries but he refuses to transition to the dictates and pressures and conditions because that is not worthy of Iraq and his government and make it subordinate to those states, "calling on Washington to" not to exploit the situation in Iraq and economic security of current to impose its dictates it. "and saw a member of the opinion the popular crowd, that" the popular crowd has successful experience in the face of the organization Daash terrorist, "noting that" everyone praised that experience so it can not dispense with the popular crowd in resolving battles with terrorism. "

He was surprised Nouri, of "the emergence of these leaks at this difficult time," pointing out that "America will not provide any troops in Anbar and can not sacrifice any of them for the sake of Iraq," he returned to it "it is an undeniable fact." The body of opinion by the popular crowd, that "the popular crowd forces will be present in any place exists in Daash, and will not stop her from that anything in particular they favor the advisory opinion of the religious authority and popular support and is fighting for Iraq only," stressing on "the lack of any justification for the withdrawal of the popular crowd of Anbar or any other province." and on increasing the number of American soldiers in Habbaniyah, Anbar province, Nouri saw that "I do not mind preclude their presence if it is intended for the training of Iraqi fighters and assign security pieces Joya" adding, "but it is rejected if it was to put pressure on the popular crowd."

He ruled out the member body of opinion the popular crowd, "the participation of US ground forces in Anbar fighting," he continued, "they can not achieve any success ever in the liberation of Anbar battles." The security source A senior in Anbar, based in the city of Ramadi (110 km west of Baghdad), revealed earlier in the day Sunday, for "freezing" of US troops and the Iraqi military action and popular mobilization in military operations department is currently in the province, noting that the US deployed troops a number of military bases to maintain, equipped military headquarters belonging to the sons of the tribes in arms and combat wheels without reference to the Federal Government. The (Daash) controls large areas in Anbar since more than a year and a half, and that the security forces and the crowd and popular sons of the tribes are working to expel him, including

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