Dawa Party leaders deny involvement in the party and the Doha conference say they went for recreation!
Dated: Sunday 09/13/2015

Denied a statement issued by the invitation of the Secretariat Party Post leaders of the Party of the Doha Conference, which was held a few days ago with the participation of Iraqi political figures Office.
The statement said that we got a copy of it on Sunday that the party's political bureau member Tariq Najim and Sadiq al-Rikabi went to Doha for the purpose of recreation and arrange their family situation Almqimitan there, denying that they had participated in acts of political conference of some Iraqi personalities there.
and what confirm press information that the star and stapes held several consultations and meetings with opposition political process in Iraq through their presence in Doha parties, but the statement Egypt that their presence was the arrangement of their families Almqimitan conditions in Doha for nearly a year.
published Arab media, including life detailed report on the visit Monday and meetings held by the member of the Political Bureau of the party with Qatari officials and the issues discussed where and which, of course, preparations for hosting the Qatar leaders of the Sunni Arab, but no surprise at the contradictory party that statement with his denial of the visit that he implicitly recognizes them when he says: (that those figures did not have a role in relation to the Doha meeting was attended by never, neither she nor other preache http://www.chakooch.com/news.php?action=view&id=7380