Public Prosecutor reveals the move suits against senior officials in Babylon

BAGHDAD - News Today - The judiciary announced on Sunday, for moving the cases against senior officials in the province of Babylon on corruption charges, while suggesting that he has been re-audit in 249 informing corruption in closed files with the Integrity Commission.

The prosecutor said in Babylon Judge Hussein Shaker said in a statement posted on the judiciary, and I followed agency news today, that "the public prosecutor at the head of the resumption of Babylon face of all departments and institutions in the province to provide Alakhbarat all files of corruption", calling on all citizens to "tell the public prosecutor suspicions while ensuring confidentiality. "

Shaker added that "the public prosecutor Move complaints against senior officials in the province relating to the files of corruption, were to take legal action, which is now under investigation," adding, "We send out a letter to the investigating judge of integrity send all files closed by the Integrity Commission and continues to reach us payments in the form of checks and make them according to the law. "

Shaker stressed that "has been re-audit in 249 informing the corruption of closed files with the Integrity Commission," pointing to "the presence of 27 informing contain evidence, from our point of view, and we asked to move the complaint again by an investigative judge of integrity in Babylon."

Prosecutor said that "these files were closed by the integrity of inexperience, and there is a legislative defect in the integrity law allows close files even without submission to the investigating judge," and urged to "modify this law allows the claim of the public scrutiny all Alakhbarat contained."