Document .. Defense ordered the restoration of wheels, weapons and equipment of the army officials

New special scales - We ordered the Defense Ministry to re-wheels and all weapons and equipment belonging to the army, and used by ministers and officials, and the abolition of all exceptions as opposed to this.

And got / scales News / to a document issued by the Ministry of Defence / Secretariat of the secret emphasizes the "re all wheels, weapons and ammunition, equipment and supplies for our ministry, and used outside the cabinet and all officials and ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry of independent bodies," asserting "the abolition of all exceptions and all addresses outside and inside the ministry, and commitment controls for the allocation of wheels and protections for officers of the rank of brigade and above, and retiring and Balammerh, according to controls literally."

Orders that were appended to the signing of the Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, "the dissolution of mattresses associate contracts to work protections with all the nose and the address mentioned in inside and outside the ministry, in the case not to be returned to their original units", pointing out that "the Departments of Management and Meera and relevant departments, shall take necessary procedures execute this command, and in a period of 15 days, otherwise the will to take legal action against non-implementing of our orders in the period prescribed above ".anthy 29 / d 25