Parliamentary Integrity check to "corruption" Commercial Bank: We will host dry after Eid

Special - scales News - He Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Mohammed fact, Sunday, and there are suspicions of corruption and discrimination national and regionally in dealing Commercial Bank in the mechanism for providing loans to citizens, pointing out that his committee will host a director of the bank Hamdiya dry after Eid al-Adha.

He said the fact that L / scales News / "The many complaints received by the Integrity Committee representative to the Commercial Bank of exercise process Highlight regionally and nationwide lending," noting that it "will investigate these complaints and contracts made by the former bank, especially contracts with large amounts."

He said a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee that he "received _kaoi for loans provided by the bank in a way favoritism that guarantees and not taking the fact guarantees from the owners it would be difficult to repay those loans," adding that "one big loan The corresponding guaranteed him is the Real Estate Director in the Kurdistan region, and when His declined to request repayment of the loan from the bank of the province booking these properties, but he refused and refrained from implementing the resolution under the pretext of its ownership to dry."

He pointed to the fact that "it is very necessary to host the director of the Commercial Bank of Hamdiya dry to reveal the facts and stand on the accuracy of these allegations," noting that he "submitted a request to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives for hosting after Eid al-Adha."

The "Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Mohammed universe had said, earlier, that the concentration of director of commercial bank lending to the region without the other parts of Iraq holds the suspicions of corruption are many, noting that that is proven to dry Hamdiya the existence of financial violations will provide accounting" .anthy 29 / 28