Barzani's party: Snnqd law to determine the three States in the event of inclusion presidency of the province

Brother - Baghdad -
A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Vice-President of the Parliamentary Legal Committee Muhsin al-Sadoun The determination of the three presidencies of the voted law within the legal committee yesterday, noting that the law was voted on the previous parliamentary session but set aside by the Federal Court as a violation of the law includes determining the mandates of the President and Cabinet and the House of Representatives.

And between Saadoun told a number of media, including for News Agency (et) to determine the states of presidencies two sessions only with a statement of the period of the caretaker government, "explaining that after sending the new version by the government submitted a request signed 51 Deputy need to add a paragraph to determine the state of the heads regions and provinces in addition to the three presidencies."

He pointed out the law in spite of a vote in the legal committee, but he Set the sender identification of the three presidencies and there is no addition of a paragraph to determine the presidencies of the region or the province."

The MP said the Iraqi constitution and in accordance with Article 121 of poverty / 2 that any law of the federal law is binding in the province if there is opposition to the law within the House of Representatives with enforcing provincial law rather than federal law, "the MP said the law has not been implemented and we will offer a challenge to overturn the law and not passed in the case of the Federal Court Dlerj paragraph defining the mandates presidency of the province or provinces. "