Who is the Green Zone, a whale? What are the common interests between him and (Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki)
Dated: Saturday 12/9/2015

A source close to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi revealed that major problems facing his relationship with Vice President of the Republic and the leader of the Dawa Party, Nouri al-Maliki revealed the existence of a suspicious ties to the son of al-Maliki Ahmed so-called whale Green Zone, a huge financial relationships.
The source said in an exclusive interview we saw on some of the details: This whale named "Namir punitive" lived in Syria, Oman, Lebanon suddenly emerged as a business through it was set up in conjunction with al-Maliki, the son of group security companies specializing in protection as well as money laundering projects and owned a large house in the Green Zone was converted to a hotel for members of the security of foreign companies coming to Iraq, which feared its members live outside the walls of the Green Zone, in 2011 happened collision between Namir and Ahmed al-Maliki and the collision led to the Baghdad Brigade of the owners surrounded the hotel and prevent the entry and exit of it and were ordered to confiscate all the hotel and its contents and after the intervention of calculated figures on Maliki's office has floors in and compromise between Namir punitive and Ahmed Nouri
He added that what occur by the prime minister for fear of security services exposure to Namir punitive saying properly and avoid al-Maliki not to be named, saying (so as not breaking it) is justified because it is linked to a cell of the Israeli Mossad in northern Iraq Contractor in the province of Sulaymaniyah and its mission to adopt advertising political number of leaders affiliated to the rule of law and has common interests with Maliki's office and his son as well as other ring operating in the establishment media empire means singing and art on the weight of Rotana and its goal the destruction of Iraq's heritage and his heart upside down in favor of clowning and Tabriz technical codes Mahtroh on weight "Haifa Wehbe" as a symbol of Lebanon, including Rafat Al-Bader and his brother, and who have a link in the same Mossad cell was a former Minister of Interior Jawad al-Bolani an important role in facilitating their entry to Iraq and give them leave to satellite channels responsible for nudity and landfill Iraqi art authentic, another sheet of papers the war against Iraq, and these channels Cbc and youth and other channels concerned with music and singing so that the full moon and the orders Zionahkd monopolized 90% of Iraqi artists and thus
indicate the sources information that Namir punitive shareholder with Ahmed al-Maliki in Baghdad Gate residential announced by the government project that http://www.chakooch.com/news.php?action=view&id=7371