Under the auspices of the Vice-Anbar .. US troops leading the liberation battles to maintain the exclusion of the popular crowd and give the tribes a greater role where!
On: Saturday 09/12/2015

Iraqi military and local sources revealed motionless American wide in preparation for the battle to liberate gray and granting tribes greater the role, after the withdrawal of the joint Iraqi forces and the "popular crowd", the task of restoring Anbar province from the "Islamic State" (Daash).
He says the leadership in one of the clans Almtsidih to organize "Daash" in Anbar, Ammar al-Issawi, said that "Washington revealed dozens of troops in the Habbaniyah military base in Ramadi, in preparation to fight a battle to liberate the city from the control of Daash," noting that "US forces held a meeting with Iraqi military leaders and tribal fighting organization , to discuss a joint plan to attack Daash.
"The same source adds that" the plan is mainly focused on the non-participation of the popular crowd in the battle, and that the Iraqi army is leading the battle by land and attribution of the tribes, and the airline alliance, with the US close troops would remain from the battlefield, in case we need them in The battle, a potential is significantly.
"and asserts that" US commanders with military commanders and clans, have carried out, the first Thursday reconnaissance flights on the gray perimeter to finalize the plan for the attack details, and identify outlets attack and attribution, and methods of withdrawal, other than required by the battlefield, as identified During the sorties exploratory areas strength Daash of weak areas, "noting that" the timing of the battle and the zero hour, has not yet been determined, but it is not far away, "likely" battle resolved within a few days, because of the coordination big and cooperation between the Iraqi forces and tribes and the US military.
"draws MP for Anbar province, Mohammed al-Issawi, that "the city of Ramadi and nearby towns, experiencing three days ago quieter cautious, operations are parked fully, and that the organization did not initiate is the other, in any field move."
al-Issawi and explains that "the information available to us, Daash confirm that the organization is currently working on immunization in the same positions under his control, as mines and improvised explosive devices planted on the roads leading to it. Which underlines the shift position from offensive to defensive, after learning the preparations to attack him and the attribution of an American.
"Confirms al-Issawi that" US and Iraqi forces and tribes, is preparing the other to attack, and considering the final plan to raid the organization, "adding that" the people of Ramadi are waiting impatiently carry out the attack to liberate their citie http://www.chakooch.com/news.php?action=view&id=7374