Iraqi children: al-Maliki, the leader of the thieves!
Dated: Saturday 12/9/2015

Spread in social media Facebook several days a video clip of Iraqi children talented ago, was dancing on a piece of music, describing the Vice President Nuri al-Maliki, the leader of the thieves.
Child who called Hassouni The dramatic movements and nice that al-Maliki is to say the leader of the thieves and urged demonstrators to demand the resignation of al-Maliki and hold him accountable in the same time.
The video, which raised by the YouTube page management days of spreading a lot of the reactions after with the exception of some pro-Maliki's coalition that it stands behind him known political views in a clear reference to the political miscarriage among the political section.
In spite of that the child is unknown political orientation, but the section that has spread through the days on the Internet pages and won more than two hundredthousand Show won the admiration of many.