Chest looks like the kidnappers of Turkish workers (b Daash) asserts: ready to cooperate with the government to lift their families


The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr during his Friday sermon in the Kufa mosque Imaging (Ala Reef) Long-Presse / Baghdad Attacked the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Saturday, the party that claimed the kidnapping of Turkish workers in the capital, Baghdad, and compared them to organize (Daash) With Okhadobam that Imam Hussain (as) innocent of your doings "Dear Alorazl", expressed its readiness to cooperate with the government to end the file "prisoners Turks ". Said Moqtada al-Sadr in response to a question on the presentation of a video of the armed group shows with them Turkish workers kidnappers was written behind a banner (death squads) and (Beck Iahasin), and received, the (long-Presse), a copy of which, "The kidnapping of Turkish workers in itself a crime Wendy heinous her brow lovers of humanity and Islam, "and urged on behalf of all lovers of Islam and peace to" release whatever left over from political motives, financial or other conflicts and whatever the hijacker and whatever. "
Sadr said that "what he has to get worse and hurt it on behalf of Al-Hussein (as) and under Beck Iahasin slogan", telling them that "Al-Hussein of you experts Dear Alorazl and your work corresponding to the actions of Aldoaash Alangas and actions reckless and learned that Hussein does not accept Bhz necks and kidnapping innocent people, but the bulk of what will he reform in the nation of his grandfather. "
Sadr said that "the reform, but to root out terrorism Aldaasha and terror militias rude not come and that boycotting and isolating them from the crowd the holy hero also warned previously," calling on the government to "end the prisoners Turks file immediately," expressing at the same time "its readiness to cooperate with them in it."
He noted the chest that "if there is a dispute with neighboring Turkey does not mean kidnapped workers are innocent have no sin but to seek a living under the companies want the reconstruction of the country peacefully," told the kidnappers, "instead of the kidnapping of innocent people vented your anger on the occupier and his cronies, O ignorant" .
The supreme religious authority, the Office of Ali al-Sistani denounced on Saturday (September 12 2015), exposure Turks innocent workers who have no role in the events of the region, promised to claim their captors of belonging to Imam Hussein (AS) "an abuse of the people of the house and is dropped to the prestige of the state", and with student their release, called on the political forces and the Iraqi government to support the security forces for "an end to all outlaw practices".
The Iraqi militant group unknown adopted, on Friday, (September 11 2015), the kidnapping of 18 workers Turkey accident, stipulated in a video posted on social networking sites, the implementation of Turkey to the demands of several of release, and as one of the kidnapped urged his government to meet the demands of the group, Directors stressed that the captives working identity.
A source in the Iraqi Interior Ministry said on Wednesday, (second from September 2015), that unidentified gunmen kidnapped 18 workers, including Turks working in a sports project, east of Baghdad, in an informed source revealed that the gunmen who stormed the playground in granular area, east of Baghdad , they were dressed in military uniforms and driving a black car color quad payment.
It is noteworthy that the security situation in the capital Baghdad, tense since mid-2013, as it announced that the UN Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), on Tuesday, killing and injuring more than three thousand Iraqi citizen during the month of August, and as pointed out that the province of Baghdad was the worst hit followed by the province of Diyala, head of the mission stressed that the successful implementation of the government reform plan would have the utmost importance to restore order and legitimacy and social justice in the country.