Vice participant in the crowd: National Guard law preserves the rights of the children of the popular crowd and supports their presence

[Baghdad - where]
the National Alliance MP Ahmed al-Asadi, said the legislation saw the National Guard bill that would preserve the sons of the popular crowd rights and ensure their support and their presence. He said al-Asadi told all of Iraq [where] that "the aim of the legislation of the National Guard Law is the formation of an elite military force, backup under the command of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces," noting that "the popular crowd are the nucleus as a result of what they have achieved victories, and their sacrifices." . He drew a spokesman for the popular crowd that "the sons of the popular crowd rights, will be saved under the new National Guard Law," calling that "the National Guard troops be federal is linked to regional as provinces, but, however, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces." The House of Representatives has postponed in its Sunday the adoption of the National Guard Law to next week [current] with the continuing differences around him, which is concentrated on the reference of these forces, where the National Alliance wants to be linked to the general commander of the armed forces and form of the people of all the provinces, while the forces and Kurds union wants that linked to local governments of the provinces, and that is composed of people of the province Nevsha.